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Scott Ahearn
    actor ♦ singer ♦ dancer 


Scott Ahearn is a crowd-pleasing, non-stop riot! A total “scene stealer,” he plays a pizza delivery guy, a hair stylist, a masseur, and a shockingly well built yoga instructor … just to name a few. So different in each role, it was hard to believe it was the same actor each time he appeared.”

—Pat Taylor, Tolucan Times

"The cast is unquestionably talented, especially actor Scott Ahearn who plays a wide diversity of male characters with a quick change of costumes, wigs, accents and personalities, all interpreted with a stellar voice and admirable physique." 


“As much as I appreciated all the opportunities to ogle Mr. Ahearn's muscular body, his striptease at the end, which I realize gives the ladies a chance to change, came across as overkill, but I'm not complaining. Go ahead, take it all off!”


—Kayte Deioma,

"It's ironic that, considering all the talk of sisterhood in the show, the standout among the cast is Scott Ahearn, the lone male. Ahearn takes on a bewildering array of mini-roles, variously turning up as a pizza delivery boy, a red-blooded yoga instructor, a gay beautician, Carolyn's ex-husband, Linda's college boyfriend, and the guy from the Ben & Jerry's shop down the road. If there's a MARTY award for quick wardrobe changes, they may as well etch Ahearn's name on it now."

—David Patterson,

"He’s all of the ladies’ gifts and is a hoot in every one of his characterizations. Naturally, Falzone has made the depictions inflated, but Ahearn never crosses the line into hamminess. Occasionally, actors are required to expose their inner essences for a role. He does this and more."

—Danny Gaisin, Ontario Arts Review

"All the male roles are played by the handsome Scott Ahearn, who steals the show by coming out on stage in a tuxedo and leaving with nothing but his shoes and hat on. A view of his nicely toned naked body will be worth the admission price for many."

—Clifford Cunningham, The Sun News Network

"I give BIG kudos to Scott Ahearn, who played (incredibly!)... the pizza boy, the yoga instructor, the massage therapist, the makeover guru, and the groom. If I had not read the playbill, I would never have guessed that it was the same guy playing all of those roles. What a talented and amazing performer!"


“The pièce de resistance was in our sole male, richly played by Scott Ahearn. He did an exceptional job in all the male parts”


—Audrey Linden,



"Scott Ahearn is energetic and highly versatile: He can tap and play the piano and has a strong on-stage presence and a powerful voice."


—Denver Westword



"I loved the contrast between the slick moves of the professional stripper (well-played by Scott Ahearn), and the working men's clumsy, heartfelt gestures."

—Denver Westword



"...Scott Ahearn, playing Millie's boss Trevor Graydon, is bewitching in the novel tune 'The Speed Test.' Ahearn plays up the comic factor with perfect timing...banter with Ahearn is the show's comedic highlight."

Denver Post



"...reasons for seeing Chicago include performances by Scott Ahearn..."


—Fosters Daily Democrat


"...features a very strong and personable cast that in some cases out perform their counterparts from the national tour... choreography is scintillating, especially since his corps of dancers is so lithe, exuberant and skilled."


—JMN Entertainment